di Leccio del Corno BIO Olive Oil

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Although this cultivar is grown in most of central and northern Italy today, it was actually identified in 1929 just near Florence. The Ora di Leccio del Corno Extra Virgin Olive oil is characterized by a beautiful balance of pungency and fruit. It is intense in flavor and perfume with marked bitter and spicy notes. 

Composition:   100% Leccio del Corno

Color :  Golden yellow with an intense green glow

Nose :  Accents of bitter almond, hazelnut, chamomile flowers, young artichokes

di Leccio del Corno BIO from Tuscany aromas and flavours

Food pairings:  Legumes, steamed beans, soups, roast poultry, goat cheese

di Leccio del Corno BIO from Tuscany food pairing

Bottle size:  olive oil in dark bottles 500 ml

di Leccio del Corno BIO from Tuscany Bottle size: 500 ml 

Experience the essence of Tuscany with our ORA di Leccio del Corno BIO Olive Oil. Crafted from the sun-soaked hills of the Italian countryside, each bottle encapsulates the tradition and passion of generations. Our premium olive oil is more than just a condiment; it's a journey to the heart of Italian culinary excellence.

Unmatched Quality and Purity

  • Pure Excellence: Each drop of ORA di Leccio del Corno BIO Olive Oil is a testament to quality and purity. Made from the finest olives, picked at the perfect moment, our cold press extra virgin oil boasts a rich flavour and aroma that transforms any meal into a gourmet experience.
  • Organic Promise: We believe in sustainability and health, so our extra virgin olive oil is certified organic. No chemicals, just pure, unadulterated nature's goodness.

    Taste the Difference

  • A Symphony of Flavors: With every taste, discover the complex notes of almond, artichoke, and a hint of pepper. The smooth yet robust flavour makes it the best olive oil for dressing salads, drizzling over pasta, or simply enjoying with a slice of fresh bread.
  • Health in Every Drop: Rich in antioxidants and healthy fats, our olive oil is delicious and nourishing for your body.

    Why Choose di Leccio del Corno BIO?

    • Authentic Tuscan Heritage: Our olive oil is a tribute to Tuscany's centuries-old olive oil-making traditions, bringing the soul of Italy to your table.
    • Award-Winning Quality: Recognized as one of the best olive oils, our product has won accolades for its superior taste and quality.
    • Perfect for Every Occasion: Whether a chef or a home cook, ORA di Leccio del Corno BIO Olive Oil elevates any dish, making it a pantry essential.

    Your Culinary Companion

    Join us in celebrating the rich heritage of Tuscany with every bottle of ORA di Leccio del Corno BIO Olive Oil. It's not just an ingredient; it's an experience waiting to unfold in your kitchen. Embrace the taste of Italy's best olive oil and transform your meals into masterpieces. Order now and savour the true essence of olive oil in Tuscany.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Mohammed Hassan
    "Savor Tuscany: ORA's Leccio del Corno BIO Olive Oil – Culinary Perfection in Every Pour"

    Experience culinary enchantment with ORA di Leccio del Corno BIO Olive Oil. A symphony of almond, artichoke, and a hint of pepper flavors elevates every dish to gourmet perfection. Its organic purity and Tuscan heritage make it a standout choice, offering an award-winning, health-packed addition to your kitchen. A must for chefs and home cooks, it's more than an ingredient – it's an invitation to savor Tuscany's essence in every drop. Order now and embark on a journey of taste and tradition.

    Arthur Kaiser
    This olive oil is a true gem!

    This olive oil is a true gem! Its delicate fruity notes and peppery finish elevate any dish. The organic cultivation adds to its appeal, ensuring a pure and flavorful experience. A must-have for any culinary enthusiast seeking quality and taste!

    Andreas Reich

    suddenly. a very good quality

    great balance of flavour

    This olive oil has a great balance of flavor and aroma. It's perfect for making sauces and marinades

    nice color

    This olive oil has a really nice color and aroma. It's clear that it's made with care and attention to detail.

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