Blend Delicato BIO Olive Oil

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Blend Delicato is the perfect juxtaposition to our Blend Corposo. This blend is created to showcase delicacy over power and to emphasize smooth aromatics over fiery spice. It is  inspired by the cool mineral oils of Northern Italy. Depending on weather conditions from year to year the proportion of each of the component cultivars can vary, but this organic Extra Virgin Olive oil is always both elegant and fragrant.

Composition:  Blend of Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo

Color : Gold yellow with a hint of green

Nose : Herbaceous flavors, notes of dried almonds and golden apple

Olive oil aromas and flavours

Food pairings: White meats, shellfish, grilled swordfish, salmon 

Olive oil food pairing

Bottle size: 500 ml

Olive oil Bottle size: 500 ml

ORA Blend Delicato BIO Olive Oil: A Taste of Tuscany

Experience the essence of Tuscany with our premium ORA Blend Delicato BIO Olive Oil. Sourced from the sun-soaked hills of Italy, this extra virgin olive oil is a testament to tradition and quality. As the leading provider of premium olive oils in the UK, we are committed to delivering only the best olive oil straight to your doorstep.

Why Choose Blend Delicato BIO?

  • Authenticity: Each bottle of our Blend Delicato BIO Olive Oil is a harmonious blend of select olives, carefully chosen for their unique flavour profiles.
  • Quality: Cold-pressed and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our olive oil from italy preserves the olives' natural flavours and health benefits.
  • Organic: Certified BIO, ensuring you receive a product free from synthetic additives or pesticides.

Taste the Difference

With each golden drop of ORA Blend Delicato BIO Olive Oil, you'll taste the rich, nuanced flavours that only the best olive oil from italy can provide. Its delicate balance of fruity and peppery notes makes it a versatile addition to any dish.

Olive Oil Delivery Made Easy

  • Fast and Reliable: Get your olive oil delivered swiftly and securely to your doorstep anywhere in the UK.
  • Freshness Guaranteed: We take pride in delivering olive oil that is as fresh as it is delicious.

How to Enjoy Your Olive Oil

ORA Blend Delicato BIO Olive Oil is perfect for:

  • Drizzling over salads for a touch of elegance.
  • Enhancing the flavour of grilled vegetables or meats.
  • Serving as a simple yet sophisticated dip for fresh bread.

Join Our Community

When you choose our Blend Delicato BIO Olive Oil, you're not just getting a bottle of extra virgin olive oil but becoming part of a community that values quality, tradition, and the joy of excellent food. Explore recipes, tips, and stories from fellow olive oil enthusiasts on our website.

Embrace the heart of Tuscany with every bottle of our ORA Blend Delicato BIO Olive Oil. Order now and experience the best olive oil delivered directly from the rolling hills of Tuscany to your table in the UK.

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Customer Reviews

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Best Food Oil

Man i love this. really this is my best purchase

Perfect Oil

I use this oil daily and its perfect for the food . i really love it

100 % Genuine

This is the best and accurate oil i have ever used . love this one❤️

high quality product

I love the intense and flavourful taste of the Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

worth the investment

I've never tasted such a high-quality olive oil like the Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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